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Who Are We

At  Forena, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfils your curiosity - with the latest technology at the most affordable price. Our unlimited passion for technology and relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to deliver incredible products that make you re-live an experience.

When we bring the two together – people and technology – we create an unbelievable range of products that people truly want and need. We share an attitude to constantly challenge the rules and boundaries that surround us - to explore what is possible and create what is new..



What We Do

Awedio Product of Forena – is what redefines ‘music’ for you. With an innovative range of smart headphones, awedio brings you the latest technology at an unbelievable affordable price. Now you wouldn’t just HEAR music, you would FEEL THE MUSIC. Yes, enables you to FEEL every beat of music – like its being played live only for you.

It’s time for you to delve deep into the awesomeness of music – with Awedio

AWEDIO" is a brand of Forena which redefines ‘music’. The name AWEDIO is made from two words associated with passion and music - AWEsome and auDIO. With an innovative and stylish range of premium audio products, music lovers wouldn’t just HEAR music, they would FEEL THE MUSIC. Yes, enables music lovers to FEEL every beat of music – like its being played live only for them. It’s time for music lovers to delve deep into AWEsome auDIO – with AWEDIO.

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